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ABB TTF300 Field-mount temperature transmitter

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                                               ABB TTF300 Field-mount temperature transmitter

The TTF300 HART, PROFIBUS PA or FOUNDATION Fieldbus temperature transmitter in proven two-wire technology features a multitude of new functions and enhanced diagnostic information.

The field-mount temperature transmitter can be configured via FDT / DTM in DAT200 (Asset Vision Basic) or any standard FTD tool via EDD or local HMI (optional). For PROFIBUS the configuration is possible via GST-file, EDD or DTM and for FOUNDATION Fieldbus via EDD. 


Communication / output

— 4 to 20 mA, HART protocol, rev. 5 and rev. 7 switchable




— RTD, resistance thermometers, resistance-type remote sensor

— Thermocouples, voltages, mV voltages

Electrical isolation of input circuit and output circuit Input functionality

— 1 or 2 sensors

— 2 x Pt100 three wire circuit

Specific linearization

— Callendar-Van Dusen coefficients

— Table of variate pairs / 32 points

Continuous sensor monitoring and self-monitoring

— Supply voltage monitoring

— Wire break and corrosion monitoring in accordance with NE 89

— Extended diagnostics in accordance with NE 107

— Sensor drift monitoring

Functional safety

— SIL 2 / SIL 3 in accordance with IEC 61508 (for HART) Device safety in accordance with NE 53 and NE 79 Configuration — FIM, DTM, EDD

— Local LCD display with push buttons (optional)

Global approvals for explosion protection

— ATEX, IECEx, Zone 0



— Inmetro, NEPSI, KOSHA

For use in harsh environment

— Housing degree of protection IP 66 and IP 67, NEMA 4X, ENCL 4X

— Housing material: Aluminum or stainless steel (SST)

— Robust design of electrical connections — Ambient temperature -40 to 85 °C SW write protection, HW write protection Service interface


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