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ABB TTF300-W WirelessHART temperature transmitter

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Product overview

                         ABB TTF300-W WirelessHART temperature transmitter 


TTF300-W WirelessHART field-mount temperature transmitter

The TTF300-W WirelessHART field-mount temperature transmitter enables the easy addition of temperature measuring points throughout operations. Shorten installation times by eliminating complex wired infrastructure and lower overall implementation costs of process measurement with ABB´s wireless devices featuring WirelessHART communications.  


Features and benefits

  • Powered via standard lithium battery with long service life
  • Battery exchangeable in hazardous area
  • Integrated energy power management to maximize transmitter lifetime
  • Fast and easy commissioning
  • Intuitive and intelligent operating concept
  • Configuration can be performed directly at the transmitter via the display, as well as via EDD, DTM and handheld
  • Configurable update rates 4 s up to 60 min.
  • Housing and antenna developed for applications also in harsh environment
  • Ex approved
  ABB TTF300-W WirelessHART temperature transmitter ordering information

  ABB TTF300-W WirelessHART temperature transmitter  additional ordering information

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