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Yokogawa Power Quality Analyzer CW500 product with high quality for sale now

description:Yokogawa Power Quality Analyzer CW500 product for sale now....
Product overview

     Yokogawa Power Quality Analyzer CW500 product with high quality for sale now.


Yokogawa Power Quality Analyzer CW500 product description.
The Yokogawa CW500 is a portable power meter that utilizes current clamp-on probes, navigation screens and quick start guides. These features enable user-friendly power consumption and power quality measurements in the field that conform to IEC61000-4-30 Class S
Yokogawa Power Quality Analyzer CW500 product details
Measure Temporary Malfunctions of the Power Line
The CW500 captures temporary malfunction phenomena of the power line that can cause malfunction or destruction of devices due to voltage swell, voltage dip, interruption, transient voltage over, and inrush current by using a high sampling rate of 24 µs and RUS calculation.
Event data contains the type of malfunction, occurred time or occurrence finish time, measured value and waveform of voltage and current of all channels for approx. 200 ms period.
This measurement method conforms to IEC standard  61000- 4-30 Class S

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