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Yokogawa Clamp-on Power Meter CW10 (Single-Phase) 100% brand new and original Yokogawa product for sale

description:Yokogawa Clamp-on Power Meter CW10 (Single-Phase) for sale....
Product overview

   Yokogawa Clamp-on Power Meter CW10 (Single-Phase) 100% brand new and original Yokogawa product for sale.

Yokogawa Clamp-on Power Meter CW10 product description.
The Clamp-on Power Meter CW10 (Single-Phase) is more like a tester type rather than a recorder, which can measure single phase AC and DC Power, Voltage, Currents, Power Factor, Frequency, Harmonics. It will also contribute to workers maintenance of not only consuming equipment but equipment for renewable energy such as solar and wind power generation.

Yokogawa Clamp-on Power Meter CW10 product details
AC / DC Power up to 600 kW, AC / DC Voltage max. 1000 V, AC / DC Current max. 600 A
True RMS for AC .
Harmonics 1st to 25th order
Power fluctuation using the ACA Inrush and Peak hold functions.
Frequency, Resistance, Continuity, Diode check, Power factor.
Up to 9999 counts, approx. 37mm max. diameter of measurable conductor (the jaw opens approx. 45mm max.)
CATIV 600V and CATIII 1000V compliant for safety.
Backlight on the display area turns on and a white LED automatically illuminates the front of jaw when clamping.
Non-contact Voltage Detection (Red LED lights up on detection).
Easy Operation with the Navigator key.
Low Pass Filter, Phase Detection, AC / DC Auto Sense.

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