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ABB DC522:S500,Digital Config.Input/Output Module 16DC product with good price

description:ABB DC522 1SAP240600R0001 DC522:S500,Digital Config.Input/Output Module 16DC, 24VDC,DI:24VDC,DC:24VDC/0.5A,1/2-wire...
Product overview

       ABB DC522:S500,Digital Config.Input/Output Module 16DC product with good price

ABB DC522:S500,Digital Config.Input/Output Module product specification
General Information
·         Extended Product Type:DC522
·         Product ID:1SAP240600R0001
·         ABB Type Designation:DC522
·         EAN:4016779655972
·         Catalog Description:DC522:S500,Digital Config.Input/Output Module 16DC, 24VDC,DI:24VDC,DC:24VDC/0.5A,1/2-wire
·  Long Description:DC522:S500,Digital Config.I/O.Mod.16DC 24VDC,DI:24VDC,DC:24VDC/0.5A,1/2-wire
·         EAN:4016779655972
·         Minimum Order Quantity:1 piece
·  Customs Tariff Number:85389091
·         Product Net Width:67.5 mm
·         Product Net Height:76 mm
·         Product Net Length:62 mm
·  Product Net Weight:0.12 kg
·         Ambient Air Temperature:
Operation 0 ... +60 °C
Storage -40 ... +70 °C
·         Maximum Operating Altitude Permissible:2000 m
·  RoHS Status:Following EU Directive 2002/95/EC August 18, 2005 and amendment
Additional Information
·         Degree of Protection:IP20
·         IIT Publishing Status:Level 0 - Information enabled
·         I/O Option:IO module with Onboard IO - 16DC
·         Maximum Hardware Counter Input Frequency:50 kHz
·         Mounting on DIN Rail:TH35-15 (35 x 15 mm Mounting Rail) acc. to IEC 60715
·         Mounting Position:Horizontal, Vertical possible with derating
·         Number of Analog Configurable I/Os:0
·         Number of Digital Configurable I/Os:16
·         Number of Hardware Counters:2
·         Order Multiple:1 piece
·         Output Current:0.5 A
·         Output Voltage (Uout):24 V DC
·         Power Supply:24 V DC
·         Primary Voltage:24 V DC
·         Product Main Type:DC522
·         Product Name:Distributed Automation I/Os
·         Programming Software:AC500 Control Builder PS501-PROG
·         RoHS Date:1110
·         Secondary Current:0.2 A
·         Serial Port 2 Type:I/O-Bus
·         Special Functions:Integrated Fast counter
·  Supply Voltage:24 V DC

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TU531    1SAP217200R0001 TU531:S500,I/O Terminal Unit,230VAC screw, for AC or Relay Modules
TU532    1SAP217000R0001 TU532:S500,I/O Terminal Unit,230VAC,Spri for AC or Relay Modules
TU542    1SAP213200R0001 TU542:S500,Terminal Unit, Spring, for high current modules

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