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Yokogawa RAMC Variable Area Flow Meter RAMC02-T6SS-62V1

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          Yokogawa RAMC Variable Area Flow Meter RAMC02-T6SS-62V1-T91NNN/B1/K6/KF1/P6/W4E

RAMC Variable Area Flow Meter peoduct description.
The short-tube Rotameter is used for measurement of flow rates of liquids and gases. Its special application is in troubled, opaque or aggressive mediums. The instrument is mounted in a vertical pipeline with flow direction upwards.
Inside the special shaped conicmetal tube, a float is guided concentrically. The position of this float is magnetically transmitted to the indicator. The indicators are exchangeable without influence on the accuracy

• Different process connections like flanges according to EN and ASME
• All wetted parts in stainless steel or PTFE
• Maximum flow 0.025 - 130 m³/h water resp. 0.75 - 1400 m³/h air (20 °C/ 1.013 bar abs)
• Measuring accuracy acc. Directive VDI/VDE 3513 sheet 2 (qG=50 %)
• Float damping to avoid float bouncing with gas applications
• Optional heat tracing (with steam or fluid heat carrier)
• Indicator in stainless steel, aluminium, protection class IP66/67
• Local indicator without additional power supply
• Microprocessor controlled transmitter with 24 V, 115 V or 230 V power supply
• Intrinsically safe version (Ex-i): ATEX, IECEx, FM (US/C), NEPSI, PESO, EAC, INMETRO
• Flame proof version (Ex-d): ATEX, IECEx, NEPSI, PESO, KOSHA, EAC, TS
• Dust explosion proof: ATEX, IECEx, NEPSI, PESO, KOSHA
• Ex for non- electrical RAMC: ATEX, EAC
• FMEDA report available for SIL application
• Limit switches, also available as “Fail Safe” version 
Here today, we share you our newly arrive product Yokogawa RAMC Variable Area Flow Meter. The attached picture is our product for your reference.
If you need more details about it, please feel free to contact me or just send me an email.
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