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Yokogawa Low Pressure Calibrator CA700 product for sale now

description:Yokogawa Low Pressure Calibrator CA700 product for sale now....
Product overview

          Yokogawa Low Pressure Calibrator CA700 product for sale now.


Yokogawa Low Pressure Calibrator CA700 product description.
The Low Pressure Calibrator CA700 has a basic accuracy of 0.01% of reading on pressure measurement and 0.015% of reading on Current/Voltage source/measurement, which makes it the most accurate calibrator in the portable calibrator class. The CA700 also has the highest resolution and widest range of any hand held portable in its class with resolution of 0.001 kpa (200.00 kpa range) and a resolution of 0.0001 psi (29 psi range). The CA700 supports "As Found", "As Left" data and error rate (%). In addition the CA700 stores calibration procedures for pressure transmitters and pressure switched which allow strong support for field calibration and maintenance work. The CA700 is housed in a robust IP54 dust proof and water proof case for use in harsh environments. Available in three model ranges which includes low pressure, medium pressure or high pressure with selectable high-performance hand pumps for each range. A new high pressure module, the PM100, is now available, that effectively increases the pressure range of the CA700 (firmware versions 1.10 or later) to 2300 PSI, all the while maintaining the same basic accuracy of 001%. For units with earlier firmware versions, the latest version, 1.11, is available for  free download on y-link.yokogawa.com. 

Yokogawa Low Pressure Calibrator CA700 product details
Accuracy 0.01% rdg for Pressure / 0.015% rdg for Current/Voltage (source/measurement)
Highest resolution class 0.001kPa (200.000 kPa range) 0.0001 psi (29 psi range)
“As Found”, “As Left”  and error rate (%)
IP54 dustproof and water proof case for harsh environments
4-20mA step function for signal generation
20mA Simulator to carry out loop test. 
Two-wire Transmitter Loop Check
250-ohm resistor for HART and BRAIN communication

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